With the ability to capture data in less than 60 milliseconds, the CR-100 was designed for high-speed production line and Q.C. inspection, as well as product development.

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Extending the CR-100, the CR-200 has been designed with a direct viewing system that is easily detachable from the instrument’s main body.

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The CR-250 is a high resolution spectroradiometer in a very compact footprint with a 4 nm bandwidth and 1.6 nm/pixel resolution that excels in low-light, highly accurate wavelength and color measurements.

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The Dual Meter Mount

It has never been more easier to mount a CR-100 and a CR-250-RH simultaneously on a tripod.

Combining the speed of the CR-100 and the accuracy of the CR-250 aligning the rubber hoods on the same plane makes calibration a snap.

Color Matching Functions

Extend the life of your CR-250 family of instruments into the future in its stand-alone configuration with additional custom color matching functions.


Calibration Matrix

Video Tutorial: How to create a calibration matrix using your CR-100 family of instruments.